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Matthew Seals, Defining Moment

About Nathan....
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Nathan was 3 years old when I met his mother.  Shortly after we married, I adopted him and he became my son.  Though he only lived 8 years, he crammed alot of life into those years, and he knew what counted.
Christie, Nathan's mother, raised him in church and taught him about God.  In turn, Nathan would tell everyone he could about God and brought the Gospel message to numerous people.  Whenever we went out anywhere, he was always looking for someone to witness to.  I remember one time in particular we went to WalMart -- he looked up at the cashier and asked her point blank if she knew Jesus.  The stunned cashier looked at him, then looked at us, and all we could come up with to say was, "well, do you??" 
He was not a bit shy when it came to sharing about God and what His Son did for us.  We found out that he led several friends and classmates to Christ and subsequently, some parents were saved due to him reaching their child.
Nathan seemed to know what was important in life.  He was definitely all boy -- he loved to play baseball, ride his bike, and climb trees, but he never forgot about God.  He had made comments to his mother several times that he wanted to go to heaven as a child.  He thought it would be cool to climb the Tree of Life, play in the river of life and spend time with Christ.  How awesome is that??
It was such an honor and privilege to be Nathan's father.  I love him and miss him greatly, though I know he lived his life right and is where we are all striving to be one day.




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