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Matthew Seals, Defining Moment

Why am I still here....
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God definitely gave me a testimony and a story to tell, so I have gone to tell it everywhere that a door has opened.  Thankfully, I have seen Him be able to use it (and me) to help others.
Shortly after the tornado, I became friends with James Spann, the chief meteorologist for Birmingham's ABC affiliate.  The station had started doing what was called 'Storm Alert Tours' where the guys would go out to different communities to give out weather safety tips and share stories.  He asked me if I would be interested in going out with them and I knew this would be an opportunity from God.  
One of these nights, unbeknownst to me, there was a couple in the audience that had lost a teenaged son in the April of 1974 F5 tornado that struck in Guin, Alabama.  They came up to me afterward to thank me for giving my story.  They told me about their experience and that they were finally able to release it and get healing after hearing my story.  Praise God!!
I've also had opportunities to speak in other churches, to Sunday school groups, boy scouts and in school classrooms.  It is not always easy because I still feel the pain and loss of my son, however, sharing my story and helping others has gone a long way in my healing process, and for that I am very thankful.
Now, do I miss Nathan and hurt that he is no longer with us?  Absolutely I do.  Did I get mad and question God about this loss, the loss of use of part of my body and my career?  Yes.  But through all of this, God has shown His goodness to me and patience (thank you, Lord!).  He has seen me through impossible circumstances and come through every time.  My faith has been pushed to the limit and I was forced me to depend on God, even when I didn't want to, and He was there for me.  He still is.
He did this for me and He can and will surely do it for you.
One special blessing is my oldest son, Joseph.  He is 21 and has accepted the call into the ministry.  I am so very proud of him and thank God daily for him.



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